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Horror stories, dark history, and mysteries. Creepy folklore, ghosts, and horror are brought to you weekly by your host, Edwin Covarrubias.


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The Ghosts of Linda Vista Hospital
February 17, 2024x
00:22:3231.01 MB

The Ghosts of Linda Vista Hospital

Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, California, was destined to collapse due to financial trouble and tragedies within its walls. But during its time, the building was already known for its many ghosts. Some, that still remain to this day. Ad-free episodes at and you can find Edwin ...

Werewolves: Real Shapeshifters Among Us
February 09, 2024x
00:22:3431.04 MB

Werewolves: Real Shapeshifters Among Us

For centuries, people have spoken of those who could shapeshift, taking the form of wild creatures. Werewolves were thought to be only a work of fiction, but then why do some entire communities believe in their existence? Find out more at or get in touch with Edwin @edwincov on TikTo...

There Are Ghosts at the Air Base
February 01, 2024x
00:27:4138.06 MB

There Are Ghosts at the Air Base

The Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan has a haunted history of tragedy and hauntings. Ghosts on the on-base housing at Terrace Heights, murders at Building 2283, the hauntings of Gate 3, and the ghosts within the buildings are only some of the tales that surround the island. Ad-free at

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